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Product principle:

The generator is designed with low impedance and can withstand large load changes under non-linear load conditions and has good reaction characteristics.
Can greatly improve the applicability of non-linear load and voltage stability, but also can greatly improve the sudden load and direct start three-phase motor of the actual capacity.
The generator set has the characteristics of quick start, strong application ability and economical reliability.
The whole unit is installed on heavy steel structure frame, all welded structure, integrated design. The base is designed with a lifting hole for transport and installation.

Product Introduction:

(Optional) and professional diesel generator control system, with manual / automatic control unit start / stop function, with voltage (including), the use of diesel engine, , Current, frequency, water temperature, oil pressure and other parameters of the detection, display, protection and alarm functions and "remote, remote, remote control," the three remote functions.

Technical Parameters:

Note: The above product configuration is not necessarily the factory standard configuration, please consult us when you purchase, we wholeheartedly for your service, for your custom ~.

Typical Case:

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