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Product principle:

High-voltage generating units are mainly composed of the following equipment:
1,6.3 or 10.5KV generating units;
2, switchgear (fixed or withdrawable);
3, PT cabinet (voltage interaction cabinet);
4, the machine / grid controller device (if necessary);
5, grounding resistance cabinet;
6, DC screen.

Product Introduction:

With the increasing number of large-scale projects, the project covers an area of large, the engine room to the hope that the distance away. Conventional collateral transmission of electricity caused by very high line loss. For the home less line transmission loss, high pressure transmission is often used method.
Division I close to customer needs, for some similar large-scale fire power plant black start, large data centers, large factories and other projects need to design to provide high-pressure diesel generator sets and supporting projects integrated solutions.
Fu Kang Kang series of high-pressure diesel generating units, by the rich-kang company professional design. Selection of well-known brands of diesel engines as power source, the allocation of high-quality high-voltage generator at home and abroad produced by the high-pressure series of generating units. The series of high precision voltage regulator, dynamic performance, voltage waveform distortion is small, impact resistance, to withstand overload capacity; with high efficiency, compact structure, easy maintenance, reliable work, long life and good economic performance. Can withstand high-power load of a one-time input, direct start large-capacity high-voltage motor. Supporting the use of high-voltage switchgear and computer integrated protection.

Technical Parameters:

Unit characteristics
Rated voltage 6300V or 10500V (other voltage can be customized);
Start performance stable, small fluctuations, bear the impact of strong;
Can withstand the one-time investment of super power load;
One-time loading voltage drop;
With high power load when unloading speed fluctuation range is small;
Electronic speed control system, stable speed, short response time, high accuracy of action;
Permanent magnet brushless AC high voltage generator;
Output waveform perfect, no harmonics;
Anti - electromagnetic interference ability;
Allow instantaneous overload of high current;
F-class insulation F-class temperature rise safety level high.
The scope of application
Alpine high altitude environment to start and drive fan pumps and other high-power motor;
In the petrochemical industry to promote high-Yang Cheng transport pump;
In the governance of gold, mining and other industries to drive high-power high-voltage motor;
Suitable for long-distance transmission of electricity.
Note: The above product configuration is not necessarily the factory standard configuration, please consult us when you purchase, we wholeheartedly for your service, for your custom ~.

Typical Case:

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