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    Product principle:

    A. Raw materials preparation:
    Hopper-vibrating feeder-belt conveyor-ball mill-(qualified materials) residue screen-thickener;
    B. Leaching&Desportion:
    Materials after thickening process go to 8 sets of agitators for leaching; qualified agents are added to the first set agitator, active carbon is lifted by air lifter to the second set of agitator from the last agitator against the current, active carbon from the second agitator is lifted to carbon screen to get gold-loaded carbon, and the slurry left goes back to the first set agitator; the discharged slurry from the last set agitator goes through safety screen to recycle fine-size gold-loaded carbon, and then goes to tail water treatment stage.
    C. Tail water treatment:
    The tailings are lifted to the filter press, and the filter cake is so called tailings, which are transported by belt conveyor and truck to the yard, while filter liquor goes to circulating water tank for recycling.
    D. Gold-loaded carbon treatment:
    The gold-loaded carbon is processed by Desorption&Electrolysis equipment in batches to get golddust. The golddust goes to gold melting furnace and turns to gold bar. The gold-loaded carbon after Electrolysis process could return to last stage in the flow chart for reprocessing.

    Product Introduction:

    CIL process (CIL) is developed on the basis of the CIP, it has the advantage of reducing the number of tank leaching, shorten the process, thus reducing infrastructure investment and production costs; adsorption side edge extraction, improved dissolution kinetics of gold school conditions conducive to gold extraction and adsorption. Precisely because of CIL process than the CIP has obvious advantages, so the current design of the new CIP plant abroad to use more carbon leaching process

    Product Picture:

    Typical Case:

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