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Product principle:

First, the new 860 grain mill advantage:
1, the new 860 mill is no longer used low power motor, 220V 2.2 and 3KW two power, only a 380V 2.4KW power. The new mill with the motor shaft
Long, unlike the old section of the machine by another root sleeve on the shaft of the motor, to further ensure the concentricity, operation of the machine more stable, less vibration, less noise.
2, static grinding machine and the wall between adding silica gel pad, to the effect of shock absorption, fine grinding, make two pieces of grinding better agreement, grinding finer and noise reduction.
Between 3, 860 new milling machine, a motor and a motor fixing plate, under the motor fixing plate, were added with rubber pad, to further strengthen the shock absorption and noise reduction effect.
Between 4 and new 860 mill door cover and the cavity by close processing mode, in step with the way, to ensure that no leakage of powder, ensure that the regulator top pad and the disc six
Corner sets of the concentric degree, reduce wear and reduce vibration and noise.
5, the new 860 mill crushing cavity slope (i.e. static grinding installation position), using the design science, to further ensure the grinding smooth, achieve the import of the
Taste effect.
6, the new 860 mill regulation molar, adopts advanced mechanical processing center, ensure the machining precision, reached the convenient adjustment, tight fit, little noise
7, the new mill grinding disc device on grinding and scraping, through the computer dynamic balance detection, to further ensure the concentricity and center of gravity of the balance, to reduce the maximum
Vibration and noise.
8, the new 860 milling machine base and a motor without bearing, easy to disassembly and assembly of the customers, and reduces the failure, and to promote the quality of the machine.
9, the new mill to smooth material, grinding is very delicate, noise and vibration of a lot of small effect than the old one.
New 860 milling machine, each all value delivery of 200 yuan package, 2 side grinding (machine itself comes with a pair of), stainless steel containing material stick a, stainless steel
1 wire brush, nylon brush 1, six angle wrench 1, stainless steel spoon 1, bearing 2. The above accessories to facilitate the customer operation, cleaning, use, replacement,
Perfect matching, the use of more assured.

Product Introduction:

Mill motor start running, and the connecting shaft sleeve on the connecting shaft of the grinding work together. For grinding the material into the mill set from the hopper, disc auger
And the milling sleeve between the relative motion, crushing force causes the material to be ground into small particles, minced small particles in disc auger screw motion was taken into the two grinding in
, grinding of tooth profile of relative motion, so that the material in a short period of time is crushed into fine powder particles, powder is poured out of from the grinding tooth ditches, swung around, also housed in
The disc scraping plate down, flow out from the outlet.

Technical Parameters:

Note: The above product configuration is not necessarily the factory standard configuration, please consult us when you purchase, we wholeheartedly for your service, for your custom ~.

Typical Case:

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