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Product principle:


1 different seasons, different temperatures, different temperatures will produce different cooling effect.

2 the heat produced by crushing different materials is different, and the temperature is also different.

3 flow into the water cooler, the lower the water temperature, cooling (heat) effect is better.

4 different materials, the melting point of light is different, the user must have full understanding and grasp of the crushed material.

5 water cooling device to be installed in addition.

6. The flow of water cold cavity of the water, the water pressure as low as possible some as well. Too much pressure will enable the water soaked into the crushing chamber, causing material is immersed in water.

Product Introduction:

Universal grinder machine (stainless steel mill) is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries of the material crushing, used to crush the flammable, explosive

goods。 Not suitable for grinding oil content is high (such as sesame seed, walnut, kernel of melon seeds, rapeseed and other), viscous material, because high oil content and viscous material is very easy.

Clogging screen.

working principle:

Our versatile grinder is made of high quality 304 stainless steel production, supporting the national standard motor, mainly used in chemical materials, Chinese herbal medicine containing roots,

Branches and bulk materials, all kinds of oil quantity of grain, grain and other rigid, brittle materials. Machine using movable teeth

The high speed operation between the disc and the fixed gear plate is made, and the crushed material is crushed by the impact of the gear plate, the friction and the material. Crushing material can be straight

The material is discharged through the grinding chamber, and the general material is crushed through the cotton cloth bag to collect, and the material is collected in the bag,

The air bag is from small holes, not the fine powder is discharged, so as to not waste, no pollution effect. Particle size by changing the different mesh size

The number of screen decided. The machine has simple structure, strong stability, stable operation, fast and uniform crushing material, and has good effect. This machine is made of stainless steel material.

, the interior of the casing (smash tank) all alveolar precision machine processing to achieve the smooth surface, easy to clean, changing the ordinary grinder rough walls,

Easy to accumulate powder, difficult to clean up the phenomenon, so that food, medicine, chemical and other production more in line with national standards, to meet the health requirements of GMP.

Matters needing attention:

1 the machine in the external power supply should be installed according to the power of the machine power circuit breakers, the purpose is too large in the machine load, too large current automatically cut off the power supply,

In order to protect the motor!

2 this machine in the work to ensure that there is someone to look after.

3 crushed material particles should not be too large, such as in the case of boring machine (ie, because the machine load is too large to slow down or slow down the speed of the operation), should be

The broken power immediately.

4 if the particle is too large to be crushed, it should be broken through the Almighty crusher, then the machine.

* (universal mill stainless steel dedusting mill) water cooling device is introduced:

All - round mill, stainless steel dust collector, according to the special requirements of users and the special physical and chemical properties of crushed materials can be added to the installation of water

Device. If be crushed material of low melting point, low ignition temperature and heat easily soft, sticky, resulting in decreasing grinding effect or not crushed,

To cause combustion and explosion, it is necessary to install a water cooling device on the crushing equipment. This machine is not suitable for grinding materials with high viscosity and high oil content.

The commonly used water cooling device is that the front wall and the back wall of the crushing cavity are respectively provided with a sealed water clamp, so that the flowing tap water or the well water continuously flows into the rear wall.

The wall of water flows into the water before the wall clip, clip, again by the front wall of water pinch back into the wall, by the posterior wall of the water outlet. The purpose of the water cooling device is to reduce the crushing cavity.


Technical Parameters:

Note: The above product configuration is not necessarily the factory standard configuration, please consult us when you purchase, we wholeheartedly for your service, for your custom ~.

Typical Case:

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